The Big F EP

by The Foghorns

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The Foghorns “THE BIG F EP”, 2013, registered with BMI (under The Foghorns and Bart Cameron)

1. This Christmas All I Want is a Job (lyrics and music by Bart Cameron)
2. Ain’t I a Man (mono) (lyrics Bart Cameron, music by The Foghorns)
3. Wee Wee Hours (lyrics by Chuck Berry, music by Chuck Berry and Bart Cameron)
4. $400 (lyrics and music by Bart Cameron)
5. Cocksucker Blues (lyrics and music by Keith Richards, Mick Jagger… and Bart Cameron)

Recorded by Charles Bork. Mixed by Charles Bork. (See liner notes.)
WARNING: The radio edit of “Ain’t I a Man” is actually a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RECORDING. Made by Colin J Nelson using digital technology.


released October 15, 2013

The Foghorns are:
Lauren Trew (who got married during the making of this EP, and whose husband always comments on how hot her photos are-- which is pretty awesome): bass clarinet and vocals
Colin J. Nelson: vocals and choir arranging and percussion (aka MASTER of the tambourine), bass on “$400”
Matthew Ploszaj: vocals, percussion
Jason Kopec: drums, pans, percussion
Ken Nottingham: bass (electric and double bass) and a kind of whispered screech during “Wee Wee Hours”
Kevin Fullerton: piano on “Wee Wee Hours”
Bart Cameron: guitar, vocals, harmonica

Not Foghorns, but appearing on the album:
Aaron Roethe: vocals on “This Christmas…”, “Ain’t I a Man” and “Cocksucker Blues”
Laura Smith: vocals on “This Christmas…”, “Ain’t I a Man” and “Cocksucker Blues”
Brent Antal: acoustic guitar and vocals on “$400”
Christopher Antal: drums and vocals on “$400”

David Rossman was in the band, but he retired while we were making this EP and isn’t recorded here. Casey Ruff is now in the choir, but he ain’t on this either. Peter Colclasure moved to California… still trying to fly him up.



all rights reserved


The Foghorns Seattle, Washington

Landing in Seattle via Iceland, Wisconsin and Brooklyn, The Foghorns are a very late night folk and roots rock octet. Bart Cameron writes the songs, a rag tag choir (nicknamed Bucket o Bourbon Choir), provides harmonies, rhythm, and broken glass, and Lauren Trew demonstrates the bass clarinet should be part of rock.While insane touring decreased in 2012, live shows are still a focus. ... more

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Track Name: Ain't I a Man (mono)
Ain’t I a Man

I ain’t never beat a man didn’t ask for it twice. I ain’t looked too long at another man’s wife.
Ain’t I a man? Ain’t I a man?

I moved myself to a big city to escape small town monopoly.
There’s only two jobs where I come from, you either rob from the sick
or you sell to children.
Makes it hard to be a man. Ain’t I a man?

I got here to find it was even worse, they still rob the sick but they do it in church.
And what they sell kids well it don’t even work.
They only read what can fit on a shirt.
And they climb up mountains to get buried alive.
And they sing about living in 1905.
And nine out of ten can’t take a shit on their own, yeah they’re utterly helpless when they ain’t on the phone.
And I ain’t never met a man here. But ain’t I a man?

And you say they’re beautiful
I say babies are beautiful
We are all born beautiful
but some time you gotta grow up, you gotta be a man.

Well while I was gone my home town it got worse
little boy stood up tall said we won’t pay you to work.
Said you can scream all you want but it’s money I hear
say goodbye Wisconsin, Kansas is here!

So I’m stuck in the city where geeks are kings.
They got all the morals of Louis the 14.
They don’t pay no taxes send their kids overseas so they don’t have to see the poor sleepin on the street.
Makes it hard to be a man. But ain’t I a man?

I seen a protest I seen some broken glass. I heard a couple kids shout save the middle class.
They said we want to live like our parents did, you got us begging for scraps we want to live like men.
But the kids got sprayed and they got locked up, and they learned to stay down and they learned to shut up.

Makes it hard to be a man. Ain’t I a man?
Track Name: 400 Dollars

If I had $400 I would buy me a freezer full of steak.
What do you do with the money you make?
You show me your arm. You spent $400 on a picture of a snake.
What do you do with the money you make?

I’ve been making music. I’ve been making music and I ain’t been paid.
The money you make.
I’ve been making music. I’ve been making music and my belly aches.
The money you make.